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Beating Modern Vegas Slot Machines

There are numerous systems that aim to beat modern Vegas slot machines. Here's an honest evaluation of gambling systems that claim to beat the machines.

Modern slot machines are operated by computerized components that generate numbers with complex speed and randomness. It is not the usual mechanical slots of long ago run by either electrical or manual components. It was more possible to hit a win by calculated patterns because the machines only generated numbers when operated. They stopped counting numbers when not in use.

But today's modern slot machines are always counting numbers by the thousands per fraction of a second even when idle. Thousands of numeric changes happen inside the machine per millisecond of passing time. We can just imagine the incredible speed with which we have to move just to synchronize our calculation with the counting of the machine to come up with a pattern.

So we can't talk of any system or scheme to beat the machines or the house edge on them. When something is utterly run on random generation, it means it has no fixed system to depend on. Computerized slot machines are set or programmed to generate numbers randomly and make set return and payback percentages.

We can take a hint of how deceptive slots "winning systems" are. One advertizes its $47 system to help us make $1,000 per day with the Vegas slot machines. If that were true, then they wouldn't have to sell the cheap system to us and just spend a day winning a thousand dollars in a casino daily. That means they (and their hundreds of buyers who are discovering the system) earn $365,000 annually. Even if the system were only 50 percent effective, that's still a whopping $500 a day, and $182,500 annually.

Casinos earn largely from the revenue that their slot machines generate. That's why they carefully select machines that would guarantee profits for them and just enough wins for patrons. Don't be fooled by a 97 or 98 percent payout ad. The question is how much winnings are in the machines? If the set win for the day is a thousand dollars, and five people hit the jackpot, they would at least share $1,031 or have $206 each. If they're wise enough they can go home with $200. But the tendency is to lose this amountóplus moreóby taking more chances in the casino.

Beating Vegas slot machines boils down to being aware of their set returns and paybacks.