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Myths on Vegas Slot Machines

Beware of false tips in playing Vegas slot machines. Many of these tips go way back from the time of mechanical slots and are still passed off today as important guidelines.

Slots myths are sources of a lot of misunderstandings. We read one thing and find a completely different thing when face to face with real modern casino Vegas slot machines. A common thing we often hear is that there are other gambling games worse than the slots. They say we can have better odds with slots even with mediocre playing than with other casino gambling games. We have to re-think this idea.

For instance, though keno may have a higher house edge, slots devour more of our money, faster. With 3 coins in a quarter slot machine using 800 spins and considering a 6 percent edge, we lose $36 in just one hour. With keno, playing in a dollar game, considering a 28 percent edge and we play 7 games, we lose a mere $1.96 in an hour. So in this example alone, we see how dismal a loss from slots could be compared to keno.

Losing at roulette is also tolerable compared with slots. Roulette is slower to play and thus, our losing pace is also slower. We have plenty of time to think and re-think our position. While with slots, it's easy as placing in coins and pulling—zap! First round done.

Loose slots are said to be strategically placed in casinos—mostly where people crowd the most. This is said to be a good promotion for the casino and the slots. This scenario of placing loose machines (those that easily trigger a win) in crowded places used to be true. But today, casino slots have uniformly generated numbers run by computers. So slots have uniform payout tendencies. Looseness or tightness of machines has no place in randomly generated slots.

And then they say that dollar slot machines have better odds than craps, poker, etc. The truth is, dollar machines may give better odds than other lower denominated machines. But craps, roulette, and other gambling games have better odds than slots. They're more complicated to play than slots, and when we're ill-informed about them when we play them, of course, we get worse winning odds.

They say most slots offer only 75 percent payback. Not quite. The standard is 88 to 97 percent. So, such are the myths about Vegas slot machines. Here's a real tip: slots are randomly run. We can be sure 100 percent of this.