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Preparing to Play Vegas Slot Machines

Here are some preparations we need to do when playing Vegas slot machines.

Prepare to visit an actual casino. This may sound strange but we must especially avoid machines in narrow rooms and non-casino locations. Examples are those found in fast foods, small and crowded slot machine parlors and those in gas stations. These are mostly tight machines.

Sometimes we have to prepare for prolonged slotting sessions, especially when we target a big win goal. Short stints may get us some small wins which is not a bad idea if we want to have something when we go home. But if we are aiming for something bigger then we may have to stay longer for more sessions. The least bankroll we can devote for a bigger win is 150 coins.

If we choose small denomination machines, like a machine run on 25 cents, we need to prepare $50 denominated in quarters. If we opt for dollar Vegas slot machines then we'll have to prepare $200. When we have invested enough in a particular machine, it's better to stay a while longer with it. Hence, it would be better to have all the bankroll we need with us so we won't have to leave the machine to get more coins.

But of course, staying too long, or going beyond a bankroll of 250 coins and the losing streak is still on, may be a sign that we're not going to hit any goals that time or day. Or probably it's time to switch machine. We have to be sensitive to what's left of our bankroll; we play to win, not to lose money senselessly.

Then always remember that slot bets should be in the amount we can tolerate to lose. There's nothing wrong with quarter machines and small wins. In fact, small wins are more realistic than fantasizing a big goal. Add to this the preparation to set limits to our gambling. We need to set the time and amount limits because slotting can be a fast game.

Prepare what is called personal press number (PPN). This is the number of times we play a machine to test its viability. Ten can be a good PPN. After 10 plays see if the amount we put in at least equals the amount paid out to us by the machine. If it doesn't even give us a break even after 10 plays, it's a machine we don't want.

We should prepare a balanced mindset before we go and play Vegas slot machines.