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Reducing the House Edge with Vegas Slot Machines

Here are ways to somehow reduce the house edge when it comes to playing with Vegas slot machines.

First and foremost, it is always advantageous to play using the maximum coin requirement. Vegas machines are known to favor this coin requirement option. For instance, if we use a two-coin requirement and hit, we may be paid 2,000 coins. But with a 3-coin requirement option, and we hit a jackpot, we'd be paid 4,000 coins.

Some slots experts would prefer maximum coins. But we have to keep thing practical. If the coin maximum equals a small sum, then we might as well prefer the single or two-coin requirement using high denominated coins. What we're considering here is the maximum total amount, not the maximum number of coin pieces. And with single or two-coin but high denominated maximum we are able to play fast slots than having to put more coins in before being able to operate one.

Remember that most casinos, especially those with a sense of promotion and competitiveness, increase the payout percentage in slots wins as we pay higher denominated coins. Once we have the wining from a Vegas slot machine, we should immediately cash out. This enables us to avoid playing with coins we won from the machine and secure profits. We should also take care never to leave the machine without taking our won coins or our ticket. Casinos are full of sharp people out to prey on left coins and tickets at a machine.

Be selective in what slot machine we're going to play. Look for specific promo signs on specific machines. Don't go much for generalized promos saying their machines have certain percentage payouts. It may be true but it's going to be a wild goose chase, never knowing what machines have and don't have the advertized advantage.

But these promos are sure to be patronized by most customers and we can only expect little rewards from the machines. If a machine frequently pays out, it will have fewer coins in its bank. If it's advertized to payout 97 percent, we get 97 percent of what's left of it. So immediately pocket these winnings.

Be aware of the card reader of the machine periodically. There are times when machine interruptions abruptly happen through loose contact and we might lose precious credits just because a card reader problem. So make sure we insert the game card well.

The above pointers are too basic that sometimes players miss observing them.